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It really worked. At 11:55 p.m. on 30 April 2008, the last BS2000 system was switched off at Amadeus Germany.

[Cooperation Amadeus - pro et con] This was preceded by a migration project surely unique in its complexity. During the three-year project term, thousands of SPL programs and SDF procedures with several million lines of code (LOC) were automatically converted to C++ or Perl on UNIX. Amadeus migrated the high-performance file-handling system on the BS2000 to Oracle relational databases, and they replaced the DCAM monitor with openUTM on UNIX. The target systems run in a nearly 24/7 operation cycle and process around 500 user transactions per second (TA/s) during peak periods, corresponding to around 1,000 technical TA/s.

The extent of this project becomes clear in the following figures: Amadeus Germany GmbH is Germany's leading provider of IT solutions for the travel industry. In Germany, 85% of all travel agencies work with the Amadeus system with about 45,000 PCs. Amadeus Germany's list of clients includes but is not limited to 75,000 hotels, 500 airlines, 22 car rental companies, about 200 travel and bus operators, 74 transport associations, 40 European railway companies, 30 ferry companies, six insurance providers as well as several event ticket providers.
The sole shareholder of Amadeus Germany is Amadeus IT Group SA, a worldwide leading provider of technology and sales support solutions for travel and tourism. Nearly 89,000 travel agencies and more than 29,000 airline sales offices in more than 217 markets worldwide use its network and powerful data center.

The project team managed logistical challenges, because operation had to be continued without problems during the entire multiannual project term. In addition, a monthly release of new program versions was required to meet customers' requests.

The company pro et con developed the migration tools. Furthermore, several employees of pro et con were integrated into the project; they added their experience and know-how in the fields of migration and reengineering. The following tools were developed especially for this project: For the development of the tools pro et con used proprietary meta-tools, e.g., the parser generator BTRACC (Backtracking Compiler Compiler). These tools are available for future migration projects.

The success of the project leads to the following conclusions:
For further information about pro et con's competencies in the field of software migration, see Software migration.
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