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We divide business process modelling into the following categories:

Model-based workflow management

We will model your internal business processes and provide you with solutions for controlling, processing and monitoring. This will reduce your costs, increase your quality and expand your flexibility.

Interface management

IT landscapes in enterprises are grown over years and consist of a variety of heterogeneous systems. Interfaces are required for their intercommunication and their utilisation of included company know-how. Based on the established knowledge in the field of compiler technology, we can efficiently generate interfaces for these systems with the use of meta-tools.

Data management

Our data management is designed to communicate with the market-standard database management systems such as Oracle, Db2, MS SQL Server, etc.

Document management

Documents are central components of every workflow management. We offer you solutions on issues ranging from document generation and efficient research all the way through to securely archiving for revision and versioning. With these solutions, you can eliminate most of your occupational use of paper.
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