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In the past, pro et con answered a variety of customer questions referring to automated language migration in general and to a possible language migration from COBOL to Java by use of the CoJaC tool in specific. We collected these questions and their answers here:
[PDF] FAQ for download (written in German)[401 KB]
[+]Does automatic migration really work? Isn't there a lot of manual work to do?
[+]Do the converted Java programs conform to an object-oriented concept?
[+]Is the generated code maintainable and suitable for further development?
[+]Which COBOL statements cannot be completely converted?
[+]What about GO TO? In Java there are no jump statements available.
[+]Do many "atypical" Java constructs arise during the migration so that the result is a COBOL program in Java notation?
[+]Will my developers recognise the source code? How significant are the structural modifications?
[+]Doesn't that result in a lot of clones?
[+]Would it not be better to redevelop the code in Java?
[+]Can Java developers familiarise themselves with the migrated programs without previous knowledge of the COBOL code or COBOL know-how in general?
[+]I want to keep my COBOL developers. How difficult is it to train them in Java?
[+]Are the converted programs not substantially slower? And do they not need much more memory?
[+]What experience does pro et con have with software migration?

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All documents are in German.
[PDF] CoJaC datasheet
[PDF] "BEST OF 2012" certificate
[PDF] COBOL-Java migration FAQ