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Do you want to build up a professional database management system, unite databases and/or files and file systems of different structures and import them into modern databases? Do you want to enhance data during migration and improve their quality? Then we are the right partner to help you accomplish your plans. With our tool-based "FiRe technology" (files to relational databases), we will fulfil your requirements quickly, reliably and sustainably. This is attested by our numerous successfully completed migration projects.
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The following table shows the migration paths of basic components to their corresponding migration targets:
Basic system Target system
Sequential and index-sequential files Relational database systems
(Oracle, Db2, MS SQL Server, ...)
Network, hierarchical and relational database systems
Redundancy within the data pool Cleansed and harmonised data
Inconsistant data schemas Redundancy-free schema definition
Proprietary accesses Embedded SQL, dynamic SQL
(Oracle, Db2, MS SQL Server, ...)