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MaTriX consists of several components; the interactions between them are shown in the following graphic:
[MaTriX - Architecture]

The individual components have the following tasks:

Message compiler

The starting point and a prerequisite for the use of MaTriX is the definition of a message structure. This structure defines the interface between the server programs and the screen masks. The message compiler processes this message in the form of source code and stores the acquired information (field names, field types, nesting of fields, etc.) in a structured form (message information).

Mask editor

The mask editor is intended to create and manage the screen masks. It stores the screen mask information on the server in XML format (mask information). The connection to the message data fields is made via the message information.

Mask compiler

The mask compiler translates the XML files into JavaScript (using dynamic HTML due to its highest flexibility).

Mask server

The mask server is a specially adapted HTTP server. During its runtime, it provides the generated screen mask data and other fixed resources (images, CSS files, fixed JavaScript libraries, HTML files, etc.) to the client. It simultaneously receives messages from the browser, sends them to the servers via an efficient middleware interface, receives the answers and sends them back to the browser.
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