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Software migration is the transformation of antiquated software systems into modern hardware and operating systems using migration tools.

Software migration generally concerns all components of a legacy system (programs, screen masks, files, jobs, middleware, databases).

Software migration has lower project costs in comparison to a redevelopment. According to our experience the relation of software migration and redevelopment is 1:8. That means if you calculate 15 man-years (a quite usual size) for a migration project using transformation tools, the new development of the same program system will take 120 man-years.

The graphic shows the migration paths we support and the used software tools.

Professional software migration allows you to do the following: We have successfully carried out migration projects within their planned terms and budgets for over 20 years. These experiences influence current and future migration projects.
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[PDF] Article "Toolbasierte Software-Migration nach Plan"
[PDF] Article "Aus Alt mach Neu – automatisch! Migrationsprojekte erfolgreich planen und realisieren"
[PDF] Article "Methoden und Werkzeuge für die Software-Migration"


Software migration is only manageable with advanced migration tools and technologies.

Our unique selling point is our consequent use of scientific compiler-building methods in the development of technologies and tools, which allows for a high degree of automation to be reached. This in turn reduces the project duration, the project costs and the error rate in comparison with manual migrations. Our tools and technologies support all components of a migration project (programs, middleware, files/databases, screen masks, job control languages).

Each migration project is individual. The pecBOX (pro et con – Toolbox for Software Migration) that we developed allows for fast, flexible and cost-effective adaptation of migration tools to individual customers' requirements.


Each migration project follows a defined path. The study and the pilot project are some of the most important phases. The study represents the launch of a migration project and provides, among other things, the following results: The pilot project brings about a selected section for the verification of the chosen migration technology and tools. As a result, these components are readjusted if necessary.


We conduct research in the fields of compiler technology and parser generating tools in close cooperation with universities and higher education institutes. Our migration technologies and tools are constantly being improved through these new scientific results.