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The migration of the programs will be done depending on the base and target programming language with the following tools:
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[PDF] NStop MigMan datasheet


[FiRe] During the migration, the data files used under HPE NonStop are transferred into database tables. In coordination with the customer Enscribe, ISAM and possibly also SAM files are migrated with our tool FiRe automatically. The table structure is derived from the record structure, which is defined in the COBOL programs. The runtime system encapsulates the database access and provides methods for mapping the COBOL statements for file processing.

If there exists already a database, so we also offer the possibility of an automated change of the database system including a dialect migration of the existing SQL statements.


The middleware (Pathway/Tuxedo) can be replaced by our tool MidaS. Middleware is used among others for controlling the dialogue programs, information exchange and user management. MidaS is designed as a Java Web Service with a SOAP interface. It emulates the required middleware functionality in the migrated COBOL or Java servers: encoding/decoding and forwarding the message, coordinating of the call sequence of the dialogue programs and masks and session management. MidaS can act as a standalone program. So it is not mandatory to use an application server such as WebSphere or JBoss.

Alternatively, we also support an automated change to another, commercial middleware product.


There are several options for migration of requesters developed in SCREEN COBOL, any of which can be carried out according to customers' requests:
  1. [MaTriX] Automated migration: The requesters can be converted automatically by our tool MaTriX into Web 2.0-based user interfaces.
  2. New development: The requesters can be newly developed corresponding to customers' requests, e.g., as JavaServer Pages.