27.03.2020 News

We Updated Our FAQ About COBOL to Java Migration

In the past, we answe­red numerous questi­ons of our custo­mers about automa­tic language migration in general and a poten­tial language migration from COBOL to Java using the CoJaC tool in particular.

Some years ago, we had put together an FAQ for you with these questi­ons and the corre­spon­ding answers. We have now updated the same and included many new questi­ons raised meanwhile as well as the answers, changes and innova­tions made in the course of further develo­p­ment of our migration tool CoJaC.

FAQ about language migration from COBOL to Java for download: FAQ for COBOL Java Migration

Further infor­ma­tion on the migration of COBOL to Java can be found at CoJaC.

If you have any questi­ons or want more infor­ma­tion about this topic please contact us via email to info@proetcon.de.