11.10.2021 News

Complete Moder­niza­tion of the Corpo­rate Design and Website of pro et con

During the past few months we have been busy comple­tely updating our website and corpo­rate design and proudly present our new web presence since 11.10.2021.

A contem­po­rary design, an optimi­zed user-frien­d­­li­­ness and the respon­sive presen­ta­tion of content over several devices stood in the forefront of the new development.

A part of the redesign was the actua­li­sa­tion of our logos which included our company logo as well as our tool logos (CoJaC, MaTriX, FiRe, MidaS and JPackage).

In addition, we comple­tely updated our content pages to suit the requi­re­ments of our user groups. Part of this are for example our new designed careers page and our digita­li­sa­tion overview.