10.05.2022 News

pro et con parti­ci­pa­tes with two Lectures at the 24th Workshop “Software-Reengi­­nee­ring & Evolu­tion” (WSRE)

Physikzentrum Bad Honnef

Physik­zen­trum Bad Honnef

The workshop “Software-Reengi­­nee­ring & Evolu­tion” (WSRE) is the most important German-speaking forum on the topics of software moder­ni­sa­tion, reengi­nee­ring and mainten­ance. Every year it takes place at the Physik­zen­trum Bad Honnef. The workshop is organised by the GI-specia­­list group called “Software Reengi­nee­ring” and this year brought together scien­tists and practi­tio­ners for the 24th time to exchange experiences.

pro et con parti­ci­pa­ted with two presentations:

Mr. Erdmen­ger was able to report on a successful COBOL-Java migration project at SüdLea­sing GmbH, which recently went live:
“Jedes COBOL-Java-Migra­­ti­ons­­pro­­jekt birgt neue Überraschungen”

A compe­ti­tion for the best student master’s thesis was integra­ted into the workshop this year. The four best works were selec­ted from a series of written appli­ca­ti­ons. The four authors were able to present their work as part of the WSRE confe­rence program. As an additio­nal recogni­tion, the lectures will be published in the journal “Software­­tech­­nik-Trends”.

Felix Graßler’s master’s thesis, which was super­vi­sed by pro et con, also reached the top four. He presen­ted these as part of the WSRE confe­rence program under the follo­wing title:
“Automa­ti­sierte Migration von Legacy-Dateien in relatio­nale Datenbanken”

We congra­tu­late Mr. Graßler on this great success and look forward to welco­ming him to our company after comple­ting his master’s degree.

The presen­ta­ti­ons were published in: Software­­tech­­nik-Trends, volume 42, part 2, May 2022