07.01.2021 News

We Offer Two Places to Study at the Univer­sity of Coope­ra­tive Educa­tion, Saxony starting on 1 October 2021 and Look Forward to Recei­ving Your Applications

We educate to secure our company’s growth, which is why we are offering two free places to study at a univer­sity of coope­ra­tive educa­tion starting on 1 October 2021. Possi­ble places of study are the Univer­sity of Coope­ra­tive Educa­tion Glauchau (Study programme “Compu­ter Enginee­ring”) or the Univer­sity of Coope­ra­tive Educa­tion Dresden (Study programme “ITL – Infor­ma­tion Technology”).

After success­ful comple­tion of the study programme and depen­ding on your perso­nal aptitude, the graduate can expect a perma­nent position in our company with interes­ting and creative work tasks and perfor­­mance-based remune­ra­tion. Many former gradua­tes who work for us will affirm this.

You will find further infor­ma­tion in our flyer: BA studies flyer

If you are interes­ted, please contact us via email to info@proetcon.de.